Warm Up Your Cold Shoulder With Our Heated Apparel

ORORO Heated vest

Freeze baby? Cold baby? What other names have you been called because you’re ALWAYS cold? You’re not alone, obviously. It’s a condition that affects a LOT of people. You’re probably wondering what condition. Have you heard of Raynaud’s Syndrome? It’s a condition where some parts of your body feel numb and cool in certain circumstances or environments. It’s usually self-diagnosable but we would absolutely encourage you to see a doctor if you think you have it.

It’s an unfortunate condition where the smaller arteries in the body constantly constrict in response to cold climates, causing the blood flow to be limited; usually your fingers, toes, ears and nose are the most commonly affected. This often means you’re layering clothes on top of clothes just to stay warm when everyone else feels fine. Treatment for this condition is usually just “dressing warmer” because it’s not seen as a serious condition, just an annoying one.

That can be frustrating for some of you who have to deal with this day in and day out, especially with winter coming. Here’s why we think ORORO Heated Apparel can help you: well it’s in the name…heated apparel. Instead of layering up constantly and padding yourself so that you can stay warm, how about just a heated jacket or a heated vest instead? Think about it. You’re sitting on the sofa after a long day of work, the heat is on high and you have blankets piled on top of you while you binge watch something on Netflix. Suddenly, you have to get up to go to the bathroom or answer the door but you’re dreading it. Why? Because all that warmth and heat you’ve built up will disappear as soon as you get up.

heated hoodie

With ORORO Heated Apparel, that won’t happen. We have Heated Hoodies (in black, gray and blue!) that are made of comfy cotton and fleece-lined to make sure all that heat generated by the battery stays in and not out. So now you don’t have to worry about piling a bunch of blankets on top of you. Just throw on your Heated Hoodie, some pajama pants and a pair of warm, fuzzy socks and you’re good to go!

But…what about when you’re not at home? We can help with that too! Obviously, we have an array of awesome Heated Jackets for any kind of activity. We have the basic black hooded jacket, we having hunting jackets, padded jackets that’ll replace your winter coat, jackets for outdoor games and high-visibility jackets if you're working outside a lot! Constantly cold at the office? Well, not anymore! Check out our Heated Padded Vests and Suit Vests (on clearance!) to help keep you warm in that overly chilly office.

ORORO Heated Gloves


If you feel unsatisfied by what we offer, just wait! We recently added Heated Gloves to our product lineup and will continue to add more products throughout the year and next year. We are committed to helping improve the lives of every single customer, whether it’s something small like being able to take a selfie outside without removing your gloves or keeping a cancer patient warm while they undergo chemotherapy. No matter what you’re going through, ORORO is determined to give YOU power over the climate.

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