The Top 5 Places to Travel with your Heated Gear this August

Floating icebergs in Greenland

Traveling: One of life’s greatest pleasures. The world has so much to see, so much to experience, and so much to explore. Summer: Long days, and short nights. A swimming pool, the beach, the ocean, summer breeze, summer heat... That sounds amazing. But sometimes, don’t you feel like you need a summer break from summer?

Today we want to invite you to embark on a new adventure. One where you can escape from the routine, from extreme heat, and from that sticky summer feeling. You won't regret exploring new amazing places.

For this, we've selected the top 5 places to travel with your heated gear this August:


1. Alaska adventures

If you don't like extreme heat or extremely cold temperatures, August is a great month to visit Alaska. You can go on a scenic float trip for a chance to stumble upon wildlife that you won't be able to see during other seasons. And if you're more of the adventurous type, you can do some white water rafting. 

Want more adventures? Imagine riding a helicopter all the way to a glacier and then doing some dogsledding at the top of it. Simply breathtaking. It's an awesome adventure for those who love speed, unique landscapes and being around furry friends. That's what we call a real true Alaskan experience!

Dog sled

  • Activities: Whale watching, bear watching, glacier tours, dogsledding, hiking, snowmobiling, rafting. You won't run out of ideas! 
  • Temperatures: Average high: 64 °F, Average low:  50 ° F.
  • Hours of daylight: From 14 to 17.
  • Season: End of peak season.
  • Pros: Cold, but not extremely freezing! 
  • Cons: Some chances of rain.
  • What to wear: Don't forget your ORORO Heated Vest. It protects you from the colder days. It's water-resistant so it's perfect for the rainy season.


2. Patagonia landscapes and skiing

Do you want to get away from the crowds, encounter amazing landscapes, or go on a skiing trip? Patagonia is the place for you this August. And there's great news: You can save some bucks as it's a low season month for this location.

It's not summer: it's winter!  Patagonia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, so when it's summer in the U.S. it's winter over there. Want some winter fun? If skiing is what you love, you'll find amazing ski parks that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Torres del Paine

On the other hand, if you wish to stay away from the crowds while enjoying wonderful landscapes, you can visit Torres del Paine in Chile and El Calafate in Argentina. And if you spotting wildlife makes your day, check out the Valdez Peninsula to encounter some southern right whales.

Whatever the activity, you'll need to stay super warm so all of your ORORO Heated Apparel will be extremely helpful!

  • Activities: Skiing, whale watching, hiking, dogsledding,  relaxing in thermal waters.
  • Temperatures: Highs between 30°F and 40°F.
  • Hours of daylight: From 10 to 11.
  • Season: End of low season.
  • Pros: Avoid the crowds, save money. 
  • Cons: Some hiking sites are closed due to extreme weather.
  • What to wear: Don't forget your 3 in 1 heated gloves. They will protect your hands from freezing. Take along a Heated Hoodie to go under your favorite ORORO Heated Jacket or your ORORO Heated Parka


3. Greenland floating icebergs and whale watching

Summer's the best time of the year to visit Greenland, especially for those who love hiking or enjoy wildlife viewing. This is the Northern Hemisphere, but don't get yourself confused here. Although it's summertime, you'll need your ORORO Heated Jacket to warm you up. Temperatures will be below 50°F. 

Want something "icey"? For breathtaking views, you can visit Ilulissat or other cities to admire the floating icebergs. Imagine ice cubes on your favorite refreshing drink: that's kind of how they float. It's a really cool way to refresh from the summer heat. You can hike, sail, or fly on top. And for the more adventurous ones, there's an option to go around by kayak! 

Floating Iceberg

Want to see wildlife? Go on a whale-watching tour. There's lots of whales that like hanging around this beautiful giant island. 

  • Activities: Hiking, sailing, kayaking, flightseeing, whale watching.
  • Temperatures: Between 41°F and 45°F on average.
  • Hours of daylight: Continuous (for 2-3 months).
  • Season: Peak season.
  • Pros: Endless days (due to endless daylight), temperatures are cold but not as extreme as in the winter.
  • Cons: High prices in the west. For lower prices, you can visit the eastern side of the country.
  • What to wear: ORORO heated gloves, ORORO heated jacket, ORORO heated Parka


4. Iceland for a bit of everything

It's also summer in Iceland and weather's actually pretty nice. Temperatures are on average from 50°F to 59°F, and low temperatures are usually around 47°F. There are so many great things to do!

Some days you can hike and others you can relax in geothermal waters or visit the famous Blue Lagoon. And if you're an animal lover, you can spot different kinds of whales as well as some puffs in their natural environment.

Are there cool temperatures too? Yes! Glacier hikes are amazing and are great for those seeking lower temperatures. 

Puff watching

Are you one of those people who could stay watching a beautiful sunset forever? Iceland gives you the opportunity to witness incredible sky colors that can leave you with your mouth wide open. Enjoy the midnight sun (sunsets at midnight) and the Aurora Borealis if you're lucky (we can't guarantee it, but it's possible to come across the Northern Lights by the end of August). 

  • Activities: Whale and puff watching, glacier hiking, some chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis, experiencing the midnight sun, geothermal waters, visiting the Blue Lagoon. 
  • Temperatures: 50°F to 59°F. Lows around 47°F.
  • Hours of daylight: 16.
  • Season: Peak season.
  • Pros: Possibility of seeing the northern lights by the end of the month, very nice weather.
  • Cons: Peak season. 
  • What to wear: Take your ORORO Heated Vest for the cooler days. And if you're going to do some glacier hiking you'll definitely need your Heated Jacket and ORORO Heated Gloves


5. The Alps in France for outdoor sports and relaxation

Can't stop thinking about outdoor sports? The Alps are another great place for summer skiing and snowboarding. Just imagine yourself gliding along magnificent mountain landscapes, as you feel shots of adrenaline going through your body.  

For those who aren't into skiing or snowboarding, there are lots of other outdoor activities available, such as hiking and rafting. You'll definitely have lots of fun. 


And after a day of outdoor fun, you can relax at a spa or indoor pool, and enjoy delicious French cuisine.

Want to experience local lifestyle? To add some more "French feeling" to your trip, make sure to walk around as many villages as possible and immerse yourself in the country's culture.

  • Activities: Skiing, snowboarding, rafting, hiking, relaxing at a spa or indoor pool, local gastronomy, visiting villages. 
  • Temperatures: Between 39°F  and 59°F.
  • Hours of daylight: 14.
  • Season: Peak season.
  • Pros: Temperatures not as cold as in the winter.
  • Cons: Peak season.
  • What to wear: ORORO Heated Gloves and Heated Hoodie.



Do something different this summer. Challenge yourself and welcome new experiences. Whatever your favorite kind of vacation is, we're sure you've found something you'd love doing at one of the top 5 places to travel with your heated gear this August. 

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