The Beginner's Guide To Your New ORORO Heated Clothing


So you’ve FINALLY got yourself an ORORO heated jacket. Congratulations! Your life is about to get so much better. Your new heated apparel was designed with comfort, durability, and warmth in mind. Living in a colder climate can sometimes limit your freedom to do whatever you want, but now that you have these amazing battery-heated clothes, those limits are now possibilities! In this article, we’re going to tell how to use it, take care of it and troubleshoot just in case something goes wrong! You can also access all the User Manuals here.


How To Use It

It’s simple, really…just put it on like a normal jacket! No, but seriously this is no ordinary jacket. With it comes great warmth and responsibility plus a battery pack, a battery charger, and some useful instructions.

You know that cool ORORO logo on the front of your jacket? Yeah, that’s not just for decoration. That’s the button to turn on the heat! But first you have to fully charge the battery before using it. To check how much charge the battery has, simply shake it and look at the indicator lights. If they’re all lit up, you are good to go! Then plug it into the power cable inside the left side of the jacket to turn it on, you just hold down the logo button for 3 seconds.



There are heating zones on the left and right sides of the chest and the middle of the back. Each heat level (low, medium, high) are all represented by three different colors: blue, yellow and red and can be adjusted with just the press of the button. On low the temperature of the jacket can get up to 100°F/38°C, on medium 113°F/45°C and on high 131°F/55°C. Cool right? We don’t just give you a heated jacket, we give you versatility, innovation and style. Also, just remember that the higher the heat setting, the faster you’ll burn through your battery. Keep that in mind whenever you’re using the battery for charging your phone or other electronic devices! And don’t forget you can always buy an extra battery pack at!


So now you’re prepared to tailgate in freezing temperatures and endure the cold to root for your favorite football team this fall! But what happens when someone spills one too many beers on your awesome new jacket? We’ve got cleaning instructions for you too!


How To Clean It

Properly caring for your brand new ORORO heated jacket is so important, guys! Your new jacket may be water and wind resistant but if you don’t take care of it, how are you going to stay warm? That adorable coat from Target isn’t going to keep you feeling toasty in 35-degree weather. So let’s talk about how to clean it right and you’ll have it forever.


First things first, disconnect and remove the battery pack from the battery holder in your jacket’s left side inner pocket. Remember to put the power cable back into the power and zip it CLOSED. We don’t want it getting wet! Next up, we highly recommend hand washing or machine washing your jacket in cold water ONLY. If you’re going to put in the washer, use a laundry or mesh bag on a gentle cycle. Never use bleach! Cleaning solvents that strong could cause the heating insulation to deteriorate. Once the jacket is done the washing, hang dry. That’s it. Do not wring it or twist it, do not dry clean it, do not use dry cleaning fluid, do not pass go, do not collect $200, etc. You get where we’re saying.



Hopefully this never happens to you but just in case, we’re going to give you some troubleshooting tips just in case your jacket fails to work properly. If you believe there is a problem with your gear, start by taking photos and videos, if possible, of the problem. Check if the battery can charge your phone or other electronic devices. Next, make sure the light is coming on while the battery is charging. When in doubt, check out our YouTube channel for our battery instruction video. Once you’ve confirmed for yourself that something is actually wrong, please fill out the Warranty Claim Form. Once we confirm there is a problem we’ll send you a replacement or a refund!



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