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Mount Charleston in Nevada really is quite beautiful this time of year. And if you know Nevada, that’s a very BRIEF period of time. Every other point in the year, there’s no pretty snow capping the top! My colleague, Jacob, and I went for a drive up to the mountains to capture some ORORO apparel photos in the snow before the eventual meltdown comes. The temperature was around 44 degrees and it was bright and sunny. I definitely have a newfound appreciation for the snow now that I live in the desert. We first stopped about a mile from the mountain itself to take some cool photos in front of Mount Charleston herself. The first product I modeled was the Women’s Heated Parka, which I have to say is one of the best coats I have ever worn.


Women's heated Parka


I’m 5 feet tall and this parka goes halfway down my shins. It’s warm EVEN WITHOUT the power turned on. The hood completely covers my head all the way down my forehead and the fur is warm and cozy around my face. There are SO MANY POCKETS on this parka! Perfect for any woman who is tired of carrying a large bag all the time. There’s enough pockets for your phone, wallet, keys, a little chapstick, some lotion, a pair of gloves, a pack of tissues... you name it, there’s space for it.


Women heated apparel

We then continued on into the heart of the mountain itself like the Fellowship of the Ring! Just kidding, we drove a mile further and stopped at one of the observation areas/parks. Did I forget to mention I brought my dog, Kyrie, with us? She’s a Corgi/Dachshund/Lab/Aussie Shepherd mix and she hadn’t seen the snow in quite a while! You can imagine her delight when she got to prance around in the snow. We took some great shots along the path in the woods. I was rocking the Women’s Heated Vest layered over a black Heated Hoodie, with the vest turned on high. I didn’t feel cold once!


Heated hoodie


One of our main focuses of this shoot was our brand new Heated Gloves. The gloves are super comfortable and very warm but also PERFECT for constructing massive snowballs! I never once felt the cold or wet on my hands while playing in the snow with my dog. I also didn’t have to turn the heat on while wearing them but I did anyway and man, do those gloves heat up FAST. I didn’t have any issues with using my phone to take pictures either. The touchscreen-compatible surface is so clutch because now I don’t have to take my gloves off to do anything on my phone!

Heated gloves

I eventually turned the camera around on Jacob and he had a blast pairing up the Men’s Heated Jacket and Heated Gloves. “My favorite part about this whole deal is that I can wear the exact same jacket with no power during the day and at night, all I have to do is turn it on when temperatures start to drop.” He’s right. We’re barely had to turn the heat on at all when the sun is out. There’s a lot of heated apparel on the market that just isn’t effective without the heat turned on. ORORO isn’t like that, we make quality products you can wear turned on OR off.


Men Heated Jacket


Finally, we had our fill of the snow-covered woods and drove further up to see where else we could grab great photos. We drove through the little mountain village, Old Town, with street names like Kris Kringle Road and Jack Frost Way. It was so picturesque and serene that I have a sneaking suspicion if I went back there it would be completely gone, only available by magic! Anyway, we ended up taking more photos at an observation deck and wow, what a view. I put the Women’s Heated Parka back on to get a few more shots with it and because I really love this coat!

Women's heated parka


Men Heated Hoodie Gray


As a woman who gets cold pretty easily, I have to say I truly believe a lot of other women will love the Parka and the Heated Gloves. These are THE items to have to combat the weather when it dips below 0 degrees. Who has time to be freezing cold all the time? Not us. If you’re ever in Nevada, definitely check out Mount Charleston between the months of November-February, it is truly magical. And while you’re there, take pics in your ORORO gear!

Women Heated Vest

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