A Thank You Letter From A Son

Over the past several years, ORORO has received much love and many stories from our customers. These stories include outdoor adventures, a perfect gift for a husband or wife, and many others. But, the story below is definitely the one that has touched our hearts the most.


The following is a Thank You Letter from Brandon, whose father was unfortunately diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. With Brandon’s permission, we wanted to share this letter with you:


Subject: Thanks for everything


I wanted to send you a quick thanks for making your products - as odd as it sounds, your sweater has had a huge impact on my family.
My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer about 2.5 years ago. After the kidney was removed, immunotherapy has sort-of worked but it has left him a shell of himself. He's also on some really strong blood thinners to prevent clotting. The blood thinners make him cold even in the warmest of climates. Feeling weak and cold is a terrible feeling and he was acting very different.  It was a very depressing time.
Knowing there's a 5% chance my dad will live for 5 years, we decided to splurge and visit Africa in March 2016. My dad was cold most of the time, even though it was very hot!  This was the deal breaker for me. Once I got home I found your sweaters on Amazon and I bought him one in April 2016 for his birthday. I swear he hasn't removed it since!  It has allowed him to function normally, be a lot more social, and go outside again.  Dare I say it - it's almost like the sweater has removed a disability.
For Christmas, I bought him a spare battery pack. PS the spare packs is way better than the one that came with the sweater. It's great because he always has one fully charged now. Over the prior summer, he'd disappear when we were having a fire because his battery died and even being close to the fire was too cold.
What spurred this email on is because I was scrolling through some pictures I have of our recent weekend trips and I realized he's ALWAYS wearing that sweater. I put them together in an album if you want to see for yourself - Ororo
I bought him the blue sweater for his birthday (April 26) and you shipped it really fast. I'm very excited to give it to him and get some pictures of him wearing a different color!
So thanks again for everything. Probably not the clients you were thinking of when you're marketing the product, but it's worked out fantastic for us!


Heartwarming, right? Brandon is right about the point that medical patients were not our target clients while marketing ORORO heated jackets. Our initial intention was to design heated clothing for outdoor sport event audiences to enjoy games in winter. But, as Brandon said, it just happened to work out fantastic for them.


We wanted to share the story here is that it is more like a reminder to ORORO. We can never imagine how a heated jacket can influence someone’s life. All we can and should do is to enhance product quality with human-friendly design, to make better heated apparel.


It is not just a jacket that keeps you warm on cold winter days; it is something that makes your life better.


Thank you, Brandon, and those who have been supporting ORORO. You are the essential elements that help us grow.


Want to know more about this story, please check it here.

Ororo thank-you letter


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